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Confiserie : Olives de table, tartinables, antipasti. Conserverie, vente de produits BIOLOGIQUES & CONVENTIONNELS, vente de matière première.

ZA Novactis lot n-10, n-3 lieu dit Jean de Bouc 13120 Gardanne - 0442549383 - - - Contact : Côme CHARDINY

Finding its roots in the Provençal Markets in the years 70’, the consortium Provence Corner is still family-owned. Working in the food industry, its spécialites are about Olives, spreads and antipasti.

Thanks to the different business units of the consortium, we are able to answer to any of your need.

La Goulettoise proposes a large range of olives, on plain preparation or accommodated, and produces spreads, based on a fifty years old Savoir-Faire.

La Goulettoise markets and distributes the organic and conventional products of our subsidiary company « Le Comptoir Provençal » a full range of olives and spreads in glass jars and antipasti and spreads in trays.

Provence Broker is specialized in the commerce and brokerage of olives and product for the food industry. Our products are sold packaged in barrels.

Le Comptoir Provençal, is a cannery plant. We propose a large range or packages, from glass jars to tray containers. Sizes of those packages are able to answer to the final customer expectations, as well as to the requirements of the food industry companies.

We use several technologies aimed to satisfy you. We are able to accompany you in your projects, for the delicatessen as well as for the fresh food products, organic or regular.

Last but not least, thanks to our R&D service, we are able to cooperate with you to develop new recipes in partnership with your teams.

Barquette d antipasti DLUO 1 an à température ambiante Gamme La petite Etagere Olives 14 références conventionnelles 3 de France (...) Gamme La petite Etagere Tartinables 7 références 110 g et 200 (...) Seau d'olives 10 5 2 Kg
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